A little about Monteco Creations

Our Company

Monteco Creations Ltd. provides a range of services necessary to address client’s requirements for sporting surfaces, landscaping and the supply of natural sod. The process begins with planning, design and construction leading to the completion of a quality product.

We work with our clients to ensure a full understanding of the use of the proposed sporting facility or landscaped area. A complete analysis of the working area is conducted to ascertain that there are no obstacles in achieving the end goal of client satisfaction.

Recognizing the challenges of budget constraints our team will work with our clients to find a win win solution in balancing the “wishes” with the reality of the “needs”.

Our Mission

To be the sporting surface and landscape construction company of first choice in the minds of customers and potential customers . To surpass our customers expectations by producing a quality product on time and within budget.

Key Personnel

Jose Heredia is the founder and managing director of Monteco Creations Ltd. He has over 15 years experience in sport field development which augurs well for the sporting sector. His extensive knowledge and training in field construction and maintenance makes him a leader in this arena and his accomplishments is unsurpassed in the region. He was personally involved in the construction of cricket fields and pitches for the ICC world cup 2007 from Guyana to St. Kitts. As the driving force behind Monteco Creations Ltd he brings to the fore front his creativity and innovativeness to this aspect of the sporting industry.

Carl Duncan is our construction manager. His experience varies from field construction to hardscape (paving, concrete). He has worked on Warner Park, St. Kitts, Queens Park Grounds, Grenada and Sir Frank Worrell Grounds, UWI, Trinidad. He is a vibrant young man who works hard to get the job done.

Lesly-Ann Nurse is the maintenance manager. She has a history in agriculture and in experienced in landscape maintenance. She was the maintenance supervisor attached to Prime Minister’s Residence and the Hyatt Regency Hotel.